Saturday, July 9, 2011

black lifesaver and other delights

the famous norfolk southern lifesaver locomotive was rolling into town as i chanced by.
this train has safety displays for the public, especially yunguns, about rail safety in the several cars just behind.
thousands of u.s.  drivers and pedestrians are killed yearly by trains such as this.
if the train stops in their burg, they just might get an exciting  2 hour train ride.

on another track was a graffiti lover's delight from the besieged, if it still exists, apalachicola northern railroad and port st. joe line(once the home base).
little sets my heart to pounding like a rare freight car from a distant shore, and with fine drawings on it's walls.
these paintings on a taupe background are delightful, but i couldn't get over to see the other side.

....something about rail safety.

harp quitar

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