Thursday, June 30, 2011

you are looking at country

the mansfield area is blessed with a number of fine meat markets and meat sections in our local markets.

i visit them all from time to time.
they are all excellent,
the service is fine and friendy.

here is a new one you may have overlooked.
luke's  rarely advertises.

the beef is local.
they cut it.
the brats are some of the very best in the area.

many fine luncheon meats are made in house.
the chicken is from georgia.

i am partial to their own cherry smoked bacon.
the spicy trail bologna is superb.
their turkey trail bolgna will surprise you.

2 more fine area citizens have invested their lives and big dollars  in our area.

they will clean your deer and fish.
last year, they did, as i recall, 1800 deer.
i love taking home a few  deer bones for the local dogs to chomp on for a buck or two.

2 of luke's many customers

you are looking at country

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