Monday, June 20, 2011

without makeup

the 150 acre gorman nature center, just down route 42 from the cable company, was deserted, except for another  car.
the late j.c. gorman  donated the property to preserve the ecosystem, and the operators have done a splendid job of preservation.

i  love nature, and lots of other things, just as they are, without paint and makeup.
the waterlilies were resplendent and plentiful yesterday.

some of the trails were clogged with trees and limbs.
no decent trail should be without barriers.


last night, martini's on main was nearly empty.
local guitar master jeff bell was performing on his 7 string.
during a break, we enjoyed a drink.

"would you favor me with  a  solo, jeff."
jeff played an incredibly beautiful beautiful intricate guitar solo.
this friendly man is a guitar master.
if you like your guitar serious and deep and the crowd is small, ask him to play a solo.
the artistry  will bring tears, guaranteed.

h. kenneth dirlam was a banker, salesman, interesting speaker and writier.
he was a tiny man physically, but a giant in every other way.
he addressed our history a couple of times in the early 60s.

his reflections on life are worth noting.
excerpts and photos are from his book on the baxter stove company, written at the mansfield geriatric center in 69, and  well worth reading and rereading.

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