Thursday, June 2, 2011

the open door

craftsman restoration expert brian dormaier, noting my my interest invited me in.
"you are welcome to inspect it......."

there is little to add to this moving dave policy item yesterday of  new benches from old wood by young craftsman, and a beloved instructor who is moving on.
"the article is too much about me.  i wanted it to focus the young builders and their beautiful work.
here's a closer look at the benches in their new-old setting in the upper floor of the blockhouse."

we talked for over an hour about restoration, life, recycling wood from old home and farms, and of the problems dealing with bureaucracy.
he talked of his struggle to survive, the quirks and politics, and difficult personalities.
the old nails reused for assembling the benches are easily 150 years old.
think about that. how would you like to drive a 150 year old nail into wood just as old.

a large formidable courtroom desk, from wood at least 150 years old, dominates the room, and a judicial chair is planned.

a name, autumn malicoat,  was scribed under one of the benches, but was not one of the 4 mentioned in the news item, but she was insistent on being part of history with her bench.

plans to open the blockhouse on sunday afternoons are underway.
t-shirts are planned.
restoration money is badly needed, and difficult to come by.

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