Sunday, June 12, 2011

hubba hubba!!! who's got the rubba?


here's a few recent shots of the arlin field turf just after it had been  mowed for the last time a few weeks ago, may22, as i recall.

the motz group of cincinnati, a business with a sterling reputation, has been contracted for $700,000+ to install some preparation made of  rubber(old ground up tires) and sand.

the race is on.
will the field be available by very early september?

the massilon football fans, when they still visited arlin disparaged and laughed at our crummy grass field, calling  it a hick cow pasture.

think of the gasoline that will be saved, and the mowers and the mowers.

....and for a mere pittance.
what's a mere $700,000 in government  grant money to an educator?

the old goal posts will be great conversation pieces for a bar or drive thru.

i'm hoping that the personality of the field remains.
the hills on either end  of the field and that nice big dip on the northwest end are special.

will future funds be available to replace the turf in 7 or 8 year , or when it again goes 'natural'?

tyger marching band

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