Friday, June 10, 2011

ah, a pigeon just relieved itself on my laptop screen and keyboard

...and i was in such a fine mood, too!!!!!!!!!right on the qwerty.

i sat there and kept my cool, while people watched.when no one was looking, i wiped.

it's the  heads or tails thing, i guess.

(1024x768) mostly

that tale reminds me of those fabulous tv commercials many years ago when all kinds of chaos was raining on this handsome devil who always maintained his cool--was he advertising colt 45? i cant remember.

the great basketball coach john wooden remarked that on the morning after he won his first ncaa title in st. louis, he walked out of the hotel and a bird used his head for target practice. that brought him quickly back to the real world, coach wooden said. 

vintage colt malt liquor commercial


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