Monday, May 23, 2011

wristwatches are third earrings

 we are mercilessly, incessantly reminded by electronic gizmos shouting the correct time.

phones, tvs, cams, computing devices, autos, radio, tv, news journal building clocks,  bank  clocks;  we cannot avoid knowing the exact time, except in casinos.

why do we need wristwatches, (especially  $50,000 ones) or other personal timewear?

this casio keeps near perfect time.
i set it spring and  fall.
it doesn't  do  dates, or play cheap sickening tacky midi tunes, or tell me whether 'tis night or day, or spout lunar or astrological phases, and is worthless for planting corn.
...doesn't  glow in the dark.
right now, it is accurate to about 3 seconds.
it cost about $6 brand new from amazon..

a real band from the local pawn shop,  installed for about $4, replacing the cardboard one, completed the purchase.

of course, i am missing the  point.
watches aren't about  time. 
wristwatches are  as obsolete and useless as our brains(everything is calculated for us) or little(st) toes.
(of toe rings or toepieces for time, i haven't yet heard )

what i really really really want  is a faintly glowing rolex watch which wont  calculate or display  time.

perhaps a feminine model could calculate time, but never reveal it.

 rolex  could market the pieces, with  impressive phony  james earl jones voiceovers, as TIMELESS.

the floyd

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