Friday, May 27, 2011

what is this thing?


what is the 3 legged black thing?
is it a pesticide dispenser, or a big grilll?
is it a huge turkey cooker?
is it a searchlight, or a gps beacon?
is it a space ship, or spy device?
is it perhaps a sexual aid?

since i'm not the brightest bulb in any crowd, i inquired of this wayward deer yesterday, between showers, what the silly looking device might be.
it shrugged shoulders and bounded on its way.

you likely  cant get to it  if i don't take you there.
barbed  fences are all around the rear perimeter of the home depot on lex-springmill road.

no one goes there; few can find it.
who would want to?

the  old beer can was where i dropped it, but not blue, as i recalled.

it's not lonely now.

if you know what the mysterious pot is, please let me know.

you see, everything is a mystery to me.

the thing
phil harris

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