Thursday, April 21, 2011

the mayflower

mayflower church is in the news.
not the new shiny one with the nice folks on mcelroy road, but the old maylower, the one i knew.
there  was a vote after church one sunday in the early 60s, whether or not to relocate the mayflower.
the vote was 30-30.
the tie vote was enough to put the change mechanism into action.

the wonderful wonderful folks of my youth, rev. lindbeck, rev. knittle, and their families.  there were no finer people.
the ladds, pifers, constances, the organist elsa hamilton, gilgers, southwards, fankhausers, and dozens more.....
extraordiinary people, fine people.
i remember them fondly.
.and that fabulous gym where i shot thousands of hoops.
the gym was no longer than 2 free throw lines, back to back.  the floor and boards were true.

my late wife barbara was a friend of elder gaddy, longtime minister of  the current worshippers of what used to be my church.
strangely, they met in the emergency room on her last trip to the hospital.

this one hour long piece is the most beautiful i have heard all year.
it seems appropriate at this time
the passion 
waclaw zimpel group with
pianist bobby few.

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