Tuesday, April 26, 2011

let's think different about apple, and serious

i find it kind of creepy when i walk down the street and lots of cars have apple stickers on them.
1 of every 10 or 15 cars has a little apple sticker on the back window.
why would anybody have an electronics based logo on their car?
i've yet to see one hp sticker on a car.

these communication devices have gone from being a utility to something you are in love with.
that is creepy.
i don't understand this infatuation with apple.

if some people, and you know some,  are without their phone for 15 minutes, they freak out.
when you go to a bar or restaurant, many people are sitting there staring at their phones.
why not just stay home with it and fondle it?
"i'm buying apple only ad i'll wait in for 6 hours in the cold, and put stickers on my car, and i'm going to make a fun of people who don't have one."

overall, pc sales are contracting 3% and mac sales are up 28%.
the halo effect of having an apple product and migrating to an apple computer because everything works so well so quickly is more than huge.
you don't have to do all those virus protection updates.
apple tablets have cannibalized that market.
apple is crushing the competition.

the i tunes store made a billion four last year, through their online store.
that's without having a bricks and mortar store.
of course, they have huge server farms.

they are making 35% and none of it is their intellectual property.
they've got the mac store online for software.

this quarter they did 24.8 billion in sales.


the entertainment value is awesome.
you can go to hulu and watch entire episodes of tv shows free.
it finds wifi networks faster than anything.

88% of fortune 500 companies are on the iphone or testing it right now.
this is the device everybody wants.
their computers cost easily double what a pc costs.
dells are just as fast.
apple never has to discount theirs.

apple does exceptionally well.
they make wonderful gadgets.
they capture the imagination of the young.

the people on tv, it's almost a sexual thing, how they gush about this company.
it, to me, is very creepy.
apple doesn't make a thing in this country.
they are fully protected by u.s. patents.
they go after anybody in u.s. courts for patent protection.

they don't make a thing here, and horde all the cash.
they have 65 billion in cash, don't pay dividends to anybody that would help the economy, and they don't pay much taxes.

apple has a 41% profit margin on their products,
which are made in china by workers getting 31 cents a day.

it's awesome that people love going to the apple store and all that, but i wish i could buy an american product.

the chinese are going to bring us down someday.
our plan seems to be to take a chance on bankrupting this country  to export inflation to china.
this is like jumping off a cliff with your enemy to kill your enemy.
this is bleeping nuts, but it feels so good.

these companies are making all of these products elsewhere, selling it here, and seeking the protection of our strict patent laws.
"sue them in china."

are we taking collective stupid pills?
apple, and lots of others, are greasing the pockets of lots of pols, obviously.

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