Monday, March 14, 2011

everything/everyone is plowed under, or drowns


preliminary calculations yesterday by earthquake experts are that the energy of the recent 9.0 asian earthquake had the equivalent force of 500 million hiroshima bombs.

that is more than the destructive power of all the nuclear weapons in this world.

this is equivalent to all the electrical energy consumed by this country in 300 years.

the earth capable of producing such force also created these delicate intricate blooms, for a day or two.
they will be gone soon.

man's collective and individual powers cant produce flowers like this,  cant produce earthquakes..

 each of us must develop a philosophy, plan,  and the strength to deal with the possibile realities, from the overwhelming forces that loom  in our lives. 

that philosophy may be tested;
it may not.

it seems  that our nation doesn't now have a philosophy and commonality to sustain it, for when cataclysmic times happen.

the self-interest of each of us seems to dominate.

we  must  plan and reckon, as best we can, or  watch basketball or 'hit the ding-dong' , make idle conversation and succumb to cheap, the tacky tawdry dreams of our own personal paradises.

the yardbirds
train kept a rollin'

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