Wednesday, February 2, 2011

individual events mean little, unless they are cataclysmic

the ice i met when going outdoors today, is something i havent experienced.
outside, to me, is down 15 steps to the sidewalk.
i, shovel, and camera, instantly sped down the steps and bank(fastest slide i ever had), with my groin stopped by the bottom fence rail.
"i cant get back in the house" i thought.
of course, i did, but not until after after breaking some of the thick, thick ice on the steps to level the playing field a little.

this rare event got me to thinking about global warming and the ignorant or opportunistic politicians who dupe us, and will continue to, out of billions of our hard earned dollars in the name of global warning.

is there global warming? yes.
do the oceans androcks have a remarkable ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? yes.

will it soon affect our lives cataclysmically? no.

are those who debunk warming theory willfully and dangerously ignorant, mostly, for political reasons? yes.

this coral necklace i looked at last night, is white because of the loss of algae to warmer ocean waters,

those who lead us on either side are very likely frauds.
be careful who you believe and what you read, but better yet, dress for every man, but think for yourself.

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