Friday, February 11, 2011

the boundries of marriage


as the health care law case is headed for the supreme court, the republicans want justice elena kagan to recuse herself from that case because she was part of the administration when the bill was being drafted.
this part about when, as a public official, you are married to someone you can do whatever you want and it doesn't affect your partner .
i am tired of, both male and female, a husband or wife of a senator being a huge lobbyist and saying that it doesn't matter because she can do anything she wants.
screw that.
justice thomas' wife gor almost $700,ooo (between 2003 and 2007) from the heritage foundation, a prominent opponent of health care reform.

wasn't the whole idea of being a supreme court judge was to get a great salary, a massive retirement package if they ever do leave.
they are supposed to be independent.
how does that mean that a justice' wife can be a lobbyist?
"she can do whatever she wants. she's her own person."
bull bleep.
former senator tom daschle's wife was a very highly paid lobbyist for the airline industry.
daschle was a dem and just as big a crook as any of them.
dem. senator chris dodd's wife was a powerful member of the board of directors for the titanic powerful oil corporation enron.
before tht position, she was head of the cftc and was instrumental in not having that stuff that enrod did, the over the counter energy swaps, not be regulated.
after she got on the enron board, her husband got a bill passed that the cftc couldn't look at any of that enron trade stuff.

isn't that interesting?
we have lost our way. we have no ethics.
hillary clinton used air force one when she was running for senator from new york as a carpetbagger with her secret service entourage.
should we have footed that bill?
it is wrong when justice thomas or any elected official's significant other is on the take for lobbying activity which affect's the voting and decision aking of a public official.
they, officials from both parties want my respect; they will wait until hell freezes over.

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