Monday, February 28, 2011

before the rain

one last look at the last major snow of winter, before last night's rain.

some rains cleanse and fortify.

last night's evil lightening and thunderous downpour brought dirt, floods, disruption, and destruction.

few were spared.

listening to the rnascar race from phoenix, fortified with 2 -22 ounce cans of natural ice, i took off to worship what i knew would be pure snow, untracked by human foot or wheel......

...i trod the deep snow near the lex-springmill walmart in this unfamiliar unforgettable setting.

there were few deer tracks to greet me and those of a varmint or two.

there was a solitary house cat, doing what i was doing, soaking it all in.

today, the scene is gone for another year, or maybe more.

here's that rainy day

barney kessel

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