Friday, February 25, 2011

as obvious as dinner through a goose

president obama met yesterday with his new jobs panel.

jeffrey immelt(ge head), with executives from citigroup, and other big businesses are on the panel.

these guys know how to make money for themselves.

what kind of goat bleep was this panel?

you and i are paying their way to washington and for their shrimp and martinis.

what is this screwy deal.

i don't want a bunch of citigroup sitting around discussing how i(if i were president) would create jobs.

what am i missing?

our president(selfavowed man of the people) sure knew immediately where the power is and is sucking up tight.

this socialist who claims to be burying big business, is giving big business more than george bush ever dreamed of giving them.

why dont we just dissolve congress and put5 or 6 biggest money guys of whichever party is in power in a room to make policy for everybody.

"these guys are businessmen. they know what is best."

they know how to make money for themselves.

they are in no way about other people.

if i hear the president preach to me one more time about the evils of big business and wall street, while he is sucking up and hanging on tight, and how he is looking out for dolts like me..............

with friends like him, who needs enemies?


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