Friday, February 4, 2011

the arab revolution and western decline


for objectivity, one doesn't usually seek truth in a jewish newspaper, or particularly in a big u.s. concoction.
this opinion piece in the influential jewish weekly haaretz by ari shavit has the ring of clear thinking.
"Two huge processes are happening right before our eyes. One is the Arab liberation revolution. After half a century during which tyrants have ruled the Arab world, their control is weakening. After 40 years of decaying stability, the rot is eating into the stability. The Arab masses will no longer accept what they used to accept. The Arab elites will no longer remain silent.

Processes that have been roiling beneath the surface for about a decade are suddenly bursting out in an intifada of freedom. Modernization, globalization, telecommunications and Islamization have created a critical mass that cannot be stopped. The example of democratic Iraq is awakening others, and Al Jazeera's subversive broadcasts are fanning the flames. And so the Tunisian bastille fell, the Cairo bastille is falling and other Arab bastilles will fall..........."


the lack of moral compass by the west and the selective, almost random selection of causes and tyrants to defend as mentioned in the article by mr. shavit, is one of the causes of the broad lack of respect for the west.

no thoughts in this op-ed are new or revolutionary, but they are well presented.


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