Wednesday, January 26, 2011

chicago on my mind

the city of chicago is much in the news today.

january 26 is the 25th anniversary of the last chicago bear super bowl victory over the hapless new england patriots.
rarely have sports teams inspired my passion like the fierce bear defense of that year.
head coach ditka and defensive head buddy ryan were each carried off the field after the victory.
the only sadness was that the matchless late walter payton never got to score a super bowl td, and ironically, the hulking defensive lineman william perry did.
when a goal line play was called late in the game, the pat defense surrounded him.
those bears were the youngest team in the nfl, but management chose not to pay many of them.

about the sad jay cutler affair.
i remember seeing reports that jay was walking very stiffly after practice during the week. i would suggest that cutler came into the sunday game impaired and shot up, and was very ineffective. there are many media words written on the cutler affair, but most entirely miss the mark.

about rahm emmanuel's mission to get on the chicago mayoral ballot, we have these laws that are just hanging 'round.
do we want politicians parachuting into ever municipality in the state, and running for offices where they don't live?
the chicago law is very unequivocal on the matter. you have to live there a year to be mayor.
the chicago sun times blames the election board for including rahm on the ballot. how politicized are election boards?
rahm won approval to be on the ballot at the cook county circuit court.

not one person has suggested that the rule be changed.

people want their mayor to be from their city, so the rule is unlikely to be changed.
rahm leased out his residence, but he could have changed his chicago address to his chicago mother's residence.
this whole mess is a black eye for chicago. rahm is a political guy and has pulled more than his share of these political shennigans. he may have pulled one of his deals to get through the election judges in the first place.

rahm was able to vote in chicago, without living there, with no problem.

the 3 member appellate court ruled 2 to 1 yesterday to not allow rahm on the ballot. the court consisted of 2 african-american lady judges and a man.

one of the 2 afican-american ladies, wrote the 18 PAGE dissenting opinion.
she described very eloquently what a sham by the other 2 judges is, and why.
first, when an appellate court makes an opinion of this nature, the can, an should refer the opinion directly up to the state supreme court for affirmation. these 2 judges refused to do that, over the dissenting judge's protestations. this has the possible effect of delaying a possible supreme court ruling past election deadlines. early voting starts NEXT week.
this is a fast one pulled by certain politicians that appointed these 2 judges.
they specifically denied her request and rahm has to appeal, but the court doesn't have to hear the case.
ed burke, the power guy behind mayoral candidate jerry chico, has a wife on the illinois supreme court. will she recuse herself, as she likely will, leaving 6 judges to vote on the matter?
if rahm previously needed 4 of 7 votes, might he now need 3 of 6 or 4 of 6 to get him on the ballot. this whole thing stinks.

legendary octogenarian saxophonist fred anderson's local free jazz haunt, the velvet lounge has closed after his death.
a son and 2 daughters couldnt agree on a business relationship.

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